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President's Corner - March 2009

March 01, 2009 2:17 PM | Brad Miller (Administrator)

On Monday Feb 2nd, 2009 the bucktoothed rodent known as Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow, which means, if you believe in this sort of thing, we can expect six more weeks of wintry weather. For us in Michigan, I have a feeling this will come to be a truth!

Greg Baron, our Director of Governmental Affairs for MPA, is looking for individuals in each local and regional association that he can send information regarding proposed rules, legislation and fundraising events that should and would be of interest to pharmacists. His hope is that these individuals would then share the information with their membership and help formulate responses with him. If interested in being a contact for Greg, please let me know.

In March, we look forward to meeting to discuss the topic of "Inpatient Glycemic Control". Please join us at the Bistro Bella Vita Downtown in Grand Rapids!

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